Promaseal Bulkhead Sealer BHSB

PROMASEAL® Bulkhead Sealer System BHSB is made using high density mineral wool that is coated with an ablative coating. The coated mineral wool remains in-situ during a fire situation and forms a barrier against the passage of flame, smoke and toxic gases.

The system is the simplest of all fire stopping products to install. It is also one of, if not the most economical product to use. It can be installed in both concrete/masonry floors and walls (with an equal or greater fire resistance level) and has been tested up to 120 minutes with various penetrating services.

  • Service Penetration
  • Wall Openings up to 1m²
  • Slab opening up to 0.9m²
  • Single layer (both side coated) for FRL of 60 min
  • Double layer for FRL up to 120 minutes
  • Tested in Fire Rated Plasterboard, Concrete , Masonry & Speedpanel amongst others
  • Approved for use with Promat fire collars
  • Large variety of different service penetrations tested

Promaseal Bulkhead Sealer BHSB

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