General description

Cafco SPRAYFILM® WB3 is a water based intumescent coating consisting of polyvinyl acetate resins and fillers for the fire protection of structural steel. It can be sealed and protected with a decorative top coat.
Cafco SPRAYFILM® WB3 is applied directly to the contour of primed I and H-section columns, angles, channels and beams, and hollow sections, to provide fire protection for up to 120 minutes. In a fire, a chemical reaction takes place, causing the Cafco SPRAYFILM® WB3 to expand and form an insulating layer which prevents the temperature of the steel rising above a critical level.

Fields of application

The product is suitable for internal and external use for fire protection of:
• steel structures

System advantages / customer benefits

• provides fire resistance for up to 120 minutes in accordance with BS 476: Part 21 and up to 180 minutes in  ccordance
with ASTM E119 (UL 263)
• durable and decorative finish
• steelwork may be left exposed to view
• chemical and abuse resistant
• can be top coated to match surroundings
• easy application and clean up with water
• fast drying time


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