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Established since 2001, Mr. Safety Group focused on distributing branded construction material, providing certified installation services and industrial fastener solutions. With a solid track record on providing construction and industrial solution, Mr. Safety Group confident on its motto: “Our Quality means Safety”.

Consisted of 4 company, Mr. Safety Group has been experienced in providing construction and industry solutions all over Indonesia. With the details as follows:

PT. Bersama Bangun Persada
Specialized on engineered anchor bolts, comprehensive fire protection and high quality anchor channel fastening technology, providing waterproofing and crack injection solution for constructions.

PT. Bersama Bangun Karya
Providing Installation certified service from anchor, fireproofing and firestop, waterproofing, crack injection and coring.

PT. Global Fastener Solution
Providing solutions for Industrial fastener with application engineering and smart factory logistic.

PT. Crona Perkasa Solusindo
Provide and Manufacturing construction chemicals for general purpose such as wood adhesive, waterproofing, mortar and tile adhesive.

PT. Global Perkasa Solusindo
Chain Distribution and Online Presence Channel for construction materials.


Menjadikan Mr. Safety Group sebagai perusahaan yang memberikan pengadaan dan pelayanan terbaik serta terpercaya di Indonesia, khususnya dibidang konstruksi dengan mengutamakan unsur keamanan dan keselamatan


Turut serta dalam membangun infrastruktur bangsa dengan memberikan pengadaan dan pelayanan yang profesional dibidang konstruksi

Memberikan pelayanan yang terbaik, berkualitas dengan menjunjung tinggi integritas

Membangun hubungan yang baik dengan semua customers

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